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Diwali Special: Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, is the new sweet entrant for this Deepavali.

By SimpliCity News Team

Oct 07, 2017

Deepavali is marked by sharing and expressing happiness in various ways. By lighting Diyas (decorative lamps) exchanging sweets with friends and relatives, buying new dresses and tucking into a vibrant food platter, Diwali is all about celebration. 

Among the customary sweets, like Laddu, Jangery, Badushah, Mysurpa, Adhirasam and Cashew cakes that are prepared during the Deepavali times, Gulab Jamun still remains to be the most-sought after sweet by kids and teenagers.

Citing time and the cumbersome making process, many households refrain from preparing customary sweets at home, but even in such houses Gulab Jamun somehow makes it to the dining table. The popularity of the sweet has even made several FMCG Companies introduce instant Gulab Jamun Packets to their existing product line. As a proof for the same, well ahead of the festive season, TVs and newspapers would be flooded with advertisements announcing special offers on Gulab Jamun instant mix, even one buy get one offers. 

And, this Deepavali there is a happy news for all the ardent Gulab Jamun lovers, as Arti Shroff, a professional baker from the city has added some interesting twists to the all-time favorite Gulab Jamuns and given it a new 'avatar'. Arthi, calls it the "Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake...!"

While a plain Cheese Cake in itself is addictive, how would it be if Gulab Jamuns are added to it? Undeniably, finger-licking good. Yes, it was! 

A deliciously crunchy cookie crust, topped with creamy American cheesecake, loaded with sweet Gulab Jamuns, some Indian spices, generously garnished with flaked almonds and pistachios gives the a completely royalty feel to the sweet. The tartness of the cream cheese perfectly complements the syrupy sweetness of the Gulab Jamun to give a perfect balance of taste and texture. 

"There is a huge reception for Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake among the families, as kids in generally do not prefer traditional sweets. It's the cake that lures the kids than the customary sweets. As the Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake is a perfect fusion of both, the kids and adults really love them", shares Arthi who bakes cakes, fudges and pastries under the name 'Dolcie bakery'.

"Though, I prepare these specialties through the year, the festive season is the busiest among them. The orders for Gulab Jamun Cheese Cakes are open for this festive season. And, the cakes would stay fresh until a week if properly handled and refrigerated", says Arti.

The Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake is currently available freshly made, on order at Dolcie bakery. You can reach on 7305604499 for placing orders.

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