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Exceptionally fresh 'Keerai' can now be availed at your doorstep, these youngsters make it possible.

By SimpliCity News Team

Oct 11, 2017

Suffering from deficiencies or planning a healthy diet, every health benefiting prescription can’t take a miss on 'Greens' locally called as 'Keerai'. Even though we all know the benefits of eating 'Keerai' the tough job is to wake up early in the morning to buy them fresh from markets. Hence, most of the households throng the supermarkets where a specific variety of greens are sold through the day.

But what if fresh 'Keerai' as a package comes to your doorstep with a just a click? Yes! It's made possible through one of the most distinct agri-based start up concepts "KeeraiKadai.com" from Coimbatore. conceptualised by Coimbatore-based Engineering Techies, Sriram Prasad and his co-partner, Prem Kumar.

“Coimbatore has a conducive environment that propels the growth of various 'Keerai' that are immensely beneficiary for human health. When greens are consumed on a regular basis, we might not need any supplements to cure certain type of deficiencies or illnesses. In general, people's perspective of consuming 'Keerai' is either to address a particular vitamin or iron deficiency but consumption of 'Keerai' is much beyond it! From treating mouth ulcers to fissures, 'Keerai' is packed with medicinal values but unfortunately most of us face the difficulty of procuring a variety of such 'Keerai's", stated the Founder of the app KeeraiKadai, Sriram in an exclusive conversation with SimpliCity.

Sriram also threw light on the varieties of 'Keerai' as he says there are at least 35 varieties of greens they deliver to the households."Each one of them are so unique and has a different set of consumption purpose. People are familiar with varieties like Palak, Thandu, Sukkidi, Siru Keerai varieties but actually there is much more to it. We promise and aim to deliver some lost varieties of Keerai like Sukkan, Kasini which is 'gold in the form of green'!" says Sriram.

Though a Mechanical Engineering Student by profession, Sriram quotes to be a farmer by heart. “I started working as a software engineer and had established an online website portal for buying grocery called “Getmarche” which later got bought out by an investor. Handling the grocery site was extremely strenuous as a major part of my time was spent in handling data and constantly updating stock. During such times, 'terrace gardening' helped me suppress my stress levels to a great extent".

"Sooner I found that the vegetables cultivated organically at home had a very distinct taste and flavor to it, when compared to those procured from the market. It was during that phase my interest towards growing vegetables and health grew multi-fold. My earnest passion for farming transformed me from an 'Engineer to a Responsible Farmer'! I started to practice farming and explored on large scale farming nuances.

I derived great joy in seeing the plants grow; I nurtured them, took care of my plantation like my baby and spent great time in understanding the hidden aspects of farming. Than being self-satisfied of following my passion, I wanted to share the fruits of my cultivation with people and the younger generation. And, that's when I decided to start my venture 'Keeraikadai.com'. Unlike other organic vegetable websites, we focus on various traditionally available Keerai that very much belongs to this region” shares Sriram about his nostalgic memories.

“Right from the color, the taste and the freshness, there is a huge difference in the greens available in the market and what you procure from us. And, that's possible because fertilizers and growth boosters are replaced with biodegradable compost made out of cow dung and other kitchen wastes at our farm. Despite not using any fertilizers, the greens are thoroughly washed and dried before getting delivered to households", shared Prem Kumar, Co-Partner of Keeraikadai.com.

We caught with Parvadha, a 65-year-old, a customer of Keeraikadai who lives in Daksha Sanshray, an apartment complex in Vadavalli. "Thanks to such initiatives as we are able to consume different varieties of Keerai right at our door step. Usually, Palak, Vendaya, Thandu Keerai varieties were the ones we use to consume at our home. But now we consume 3-5 varieties of Keerai through Keeraikadai. Upon request, they deliver the variety that you need which I feel is the best part. And, the greens are extremely fresh and clean".

Keeraikadai supplies fresh greens to apartments and residential colonies on a stipulated time frame. The app is uploaded with more than 15 assorted Keerai varieties, with each ones benefit listed in detail. So the next time you want you cook something healthy and fresh, don’t bother waking up early in the morning to get your green supplements, just download the app, select your greens a night before and have it delivered fresh in the morning at your doorstep.

For any queries or to place orders, contact 70949 50005.
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