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Coimbatore Diwali Special: Stylish Jewellery eclipses hunger for gold.

By Divya Bafna, SimpliCity

Oct 12, 2017

Adorning gold jewellery is not a status quotient anymore. Gone is the era where gold or diamond jewellery was a mandatory accompaniment along with new clothes during festive seasons. Often, it was seen as a symbol that stated one's eminence and class. The concept of wearing stylish or artificial jewellery was looked down upon as of low status.

But today, the trend has changed, What is stylish is wearing contemporary embellishments. They reveal who you are. Jewellery is no more a parameter that states your insignia of class but it's just an accessory to enhance your style and attire. 

WE caught with a few jewellery designers from Coimbatore who have shared the change they witnessed over the years in people’s taste and preferences, and what women prefer for this Diwali.

Urbaniti by Vidhya Maghanath Sunder 

Started with making fashion jewellery for herself, today Vidhya caters to not just Coimbatore but customers from all over South India and NRIs.

“I started making fashion jewellery when I was living in the US. Initially, I had my friends as my clients. In Western World, wearing jewellery is more of a style statement than a status quotient. But in India the concept was different. After being in the business of jewellery making for four years, I now see a paradigm shift in people’s approach towards fashion jewellery.

My clientele is more of the crème crowd that is not hesitant to wear junk jewellery or other jewellery made of metals other than gold. Nowadays, Women are willing to experiment their choices and are open to vibrant styling than wearing traditional ornaments" says Vidhya.

Vidhya also shares that "this festive collection from Urbaniti has an embellished look with motifs and more of gold shades combined with contemporary styling.”

Sruthi Creations by Sruthi

According to Sruthi, Silk is not just restricted to saris; it is now woven into jewellery too. Pursuing her hobby along with education is Jewellery designer Sruthi, an MBA Student at PSG College of Management.

“I was always fascinated with silk threads; they have own shine and opulence, they don't need much embellishments. Just put them together and you look stunning.” I started making jewellery more as a hobby to while away my time. Today I have huge clientele with a stall space in most of the exhibitions", says Sruthi.

"When I started in 2014, I didn’t know how people would respond to silk jewellery. Initially, people were reluctant to wear such jewellery made of alternatives other than Gold and metals. But now the trend has changed completely. Contemporary jewellery is not just restricted to college-goers and young girls. I design bangles for even brides and many other ladies who team it with even heavy sarees" says Sruthi.

Sharing her thoughts on gold jewellery, Shruthi feels "The quotient today is looking stylish, different and yet economical because gold as we all know is an investment and not a fashion accessory that can be changed and matched to your attire often.”

It is difficult to deny the beauty of gold, the value it holds, but the concept of contemporary jewellery is trending the city. Be it from any walk of life, women today are boldly flaunting alternative jewellery metals that make them stylish, trendy and suave, and this has nothing to state your status, in fact it portrays the strong confident woman in you.

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