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Deepavali Special: Light the lives of lesser children of God.

By SimpliCity News Team

Oct 13, 2017

Deepavali is the festival of lights; it is this time of the year when everything around us is illuminated to usher in the New Year as per the Hindu calendar.

The preparation for this festival is not a one day affair, but a season of festivity that almost starts ten days before the actual festive date. New clothes, traditional sweets, bustling crackers, cleaning up the house, revamping the interiors and catching up with friends and relatives is the trait of Deepavali. But this is not the same for everyone. 

There is still a section of the society that is deprived of the light and gleam this festival holds. There is darkness in their home and no way to think of sweets as their daily meal itself is a luxury. For them Deepavali is just another day with no further significance. All they await is a ray of hope and in all this isn’t it our duty to share a little of what we have with those who have nothing to rejoice?

Isn’t it joyous to see someone burst a cracker who has never lit one ever? Isn’t it beautiful to dress someone who has lived in old worn clothes always? Don’t sweets get sweeter when shared with someone who is deprived of a square meal? What is better than seeing the world around smile with a small efforts made by you. After all Deepavali is a festival of lights and joy so why let dark conquer the lives of some unfortunate. 

At SimpliCity we bring to your notice a few shelter homes and people who are looking out for your help and support so that they can make the lesser privileged section of the society experience the joy of this festival through your generous contributions.

Transgenders face a huge discrimination across the world, as they are battling for even basic rights. Taslima Nasreen, a Transgender from the City who runs a NGO called 'Change' is working towards adding joy this Deepavali for the transgender community.

“When compared to a decade back, things have changed a lot with regard to Transgenders. Though the society still sees us a threat, there are still a lot of good-hearted people who have been compassionate to us and help uplift our lives. Begging is not what we opt for a living but we are truly forced into it. While we struggle a lot to move on with our daily lives, celebration and festivities are very far off from us. But generous donations from people can change this scenario" shares Taslima. 

Taslima also expressed that more than donations, providing an employment opportunity to the transgenders would really make the real difference.

Those interested in donating sweets. clothes, crackers can reach 9787345432.

Sharanalayam Centre at Pollachi is a home to many orphans who have lost their homes and family. Started by Vanitha Rangarajan, the NGO is co-handled by her daughter Saranya Rangarajan. Here's what Saranya shared with us regarding the needs of these homeless children.

“Our kids love sweets and crackers, they dance in joy when they see the crackers burst but buying crackers for all the children in the home is quite an expensive affair. Hence, we are on a lookout for more crackers to be sponsored for our kids in the shelter home.

Moreover Deepavali is all about adorning everything new and we want our people to wear something fresh and new for Deepavali, its once in a lifetime that these children get to wear something new and we want people to help us with new clothes for the age group nine months to ninety years", says Saranya.

If you wish to extend your support please dial 09842254204 / 9842854204 to send in your contributions which could be clothes, sweets or crackers. 

Eera Nenjam Trust is a senior citizen shelter home in Rs Puram. Around 55 senior citizens whose children have disowned them stay in this home run by Mahendran, the Founder of the trust. 

"Every year for Deepavali, we buy new clothes, sweets for the inmates, And, this year is no different. We have planned to buy clothes and sweets along with a festive meal on the day of the occasion. Hence, we request the good-hearted to help us accomplish the task and make this Deepavali a memorable one for the grand mothers and grand fathers out here. Even if it's a matter of Rs. 50/- that could help us do something for these elderly", Mahendran said.

They require Sarees (55 nos), Sweets and donation to host a meal on the day of Deepavali. If you wish to contribute please contact 9944103105

Festivals have religious origins; they bring out the traditions that speak our ethnicity but every festival symbolically nudges us to be compassionate and share a little of you with the needy. Hence, let's make this Deepavali a memorable one for the lesser-privileged and add more meaning to our life.

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