Various development activities inaugurated on World Elephant Day

By SimpliCity News Team

Aug 12, 2017 04:26 PM

Various mitigation and development activities towards wildlife conservation were inaugurated as a part of World Elephant Day celebrations in Coimbatore here on Saturday.

Held at the Tamil Nadu Forest Academy campus in the city, the even saw the launch of much anticipated project Kaliru, which is for the conservation of the pachyderm.

Project Kaliru:

Conservator of Forests, Coimbatore Circle, S. Ramasubramaniam launched project Kaliru, the fund provided by which would be used in Conservation.

The State Government has sanctioned Rs. 1.38 crore for the project.

Wildlife Helpline:

In order to deal with wildlife depredation more effectively, the Coimbatore Division of Tamil Nadu Forest Department has released a helpline number to make communication simpler.

Whenever a human habitation of farmland is affected by wildlife, people can give information to the control room using the number and the information would be immediately sent to the concerned Range Officer.

The Range officer in turn would instigate the Rapid Response Team, who would arrive at the spot immediately and deal with the situation.

The number is 180042545456.

Providing Insurance to APWs and Snake Tongs:

The Western Ghats Wildlife Conservation Trust (WGWCT) sponsored a one lakh worth insurance policy to the Anti Poaching Watchers (APW).

According to N. Parthiban, President of WGWCT the Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy would cover the medical needs of the APWs in case of accidents.

The scheme was offered to 141 APWs.

‘Snake Tongs’, instruments that are used to handle snakes were also given to the department by WGWCT.

Vehicle and other utilities:

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India sponsored two Rapid Response Team vehicles to the department in handling wildlife depredation.

The keys of the vehicle were handed over to officials by Ravi from WWF.

In addition, mosquito nets were also provided to APW camps.

Sambath Kumar from Tirupur sponsored uniforms and shoes to APWs who involve in elephant guiding.

Torch Lights were provided to Forest teams and Wildlife Group leaders in farming villages.

Friends of Forest:

A new initiative to involve locals in helping the department manage conflict was inaugurated.

The Friends of Forest initiative, suggested by Jalaluddin, President of Nature Conservation Trust was inaugurated on the day and around twenty members who are in the squad received ID cards.

Hooter to guide elephants into the reserve:

A special hooter was also introduced to scare away elephants that venture into farmlands.

The hooter gives a loud noise after a small explosion is instigated inside it using water and other chemicals.

If proven helpful, it would be used in place of crackers.

Introduction of Early Warning System:

A special early warning system was introduced. The system takes aid of Infra Red rays to monitor elephant movements and priorly inform locals through text messages.

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