Man elephant conflict, coexistence is the answer, Forest Veterinarian Manoharan

By Jabez John Anand, SimpliCity News Team

Aug 12, 2017 04:49 PM

Suggesting a rather important means of meting out Human- Elephant Conflict (HEC), Forest Veterinarian of Tamil Nadu Forest Department N.S. Manoharan has said that HEC can be reduced only through living with elephants.

Talking at the World Elephant Day special meet at the Tamil Nadu Forest Academy (TNFA) campus here on Saturday, Manoharan, who has involved in various conflict management activities has suggested that the word “Conflict” should be replaced with “Coexistence”.

“Human beings are solely responsible for the rise in HEC. And we are at a time where we should learn to peacefully coexist with elephants,” he said adding that everyone should take a resolution on Elephant Day to coexist with elephants.

Claiming that elephants have held an important part in our literature and was posed as the next most referred species after man, Manoharan also informed that people should know the need of elephants.

Talking about the importance of elephants, K. Kalidas from Osai said that being a keystone species, elephants help in the regeneration of forests and identify sub soil water even in dry river beds. He also talked about the dependency of creatures like the butterflies on elephants.

Bathramasamy, former DFO of Nilgris and current Honorary Warden for Coimbatore said that humans and elephants have been associated for over four thousand years.

Palanisamy, President of Farmers’ Association claimed that elephants started coming out of forests as men started encroaching their habitats. “The Government should make use of technology and help in the reclaiming of elephant habitats,” he said.

Chief Conservator of Forests and Joint Director of TNFA K.K. Koushal said Coimbatore was an important elephant habitat that needs to be preserved.

Later on the day two teams of students each from Rathinam Group of Institutions and PSG College of Arts and Science staged plays on elephants and nature.

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