Forest department to supply Pipe Canons to ward off wild elephants to farmers

By SimpliCity News Team

Aug 12, 2017 05:28 PM

The Tamilnadu Forest department is planning to supply Pipe Canons, which creates loud high decibel noise as a deterrent to crop raiding elephants to farmers in Coimbatore district.

Loss of human life due to man –animal conflict and crop raiding has raised to new high in recent years, as wild elephants forayed into fields and human habitations.

The farmers in Perianaickenpalayam would be supplied with the pipe canon in the first phase said a Forest official.

The Pipe canon would create a loud noise and a foul smell when lighted with a lighter after filling it with carbide stones and 5 mg of water. The pipe cannon could be operated by farmers themselves. 

"The high decibel sound would make the elephants move back into the forests. The low coast pipe canons would cost Rs.800 and it could be affordable to all farmers" say Forest officials.

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