PSG Hospitals, 'VAIDHIA'
PSG Hospitals launches 'VAIDHIA' - a digitalised health information service.

By SimpliCity News Team: - Photos: Mohammed Shajdeen

Dec 23, 2016 06:32 PM

Visionary aadhaar integrated digitalised health information service (VAIDHIA) an aadhaar linked patient record maintenance system was launched in the PSG Hospitals in Coimbatore today. Lack of information of medical condition, treatment history, vaccination history etc. is posing problems in delivering a quality healthcare solution to the patient. Health care center which can afford a digitalised system to track information has digitalised the patient records system. But the records will be confined to this facility which cannot be accessed at some other facility and there are no systems of information exchange among the medical facilities at present. This causes problems to health care professionals in providing good healthcare. In order to solve all these problems, PSG Hospitals launched the VAIDHIA service.

PSG Hospitals has launched an Aadhar card medical record maintenance system called Visionary Aadhar Integrated Digitalised Health Information and VAIDHIA in short. This will help in linking the health care facilities and also pharmacies and laboratories. It will also help in keeping track of a patient’s health irrespective of the location he is moving to eliminating the geographical barrier.

This will eliminate the need for the patient to carry his scans and reports from one doctor to the other. As the system is fully encrypted and stored in a local database the information of the patient will be safe. Patients who do not have an Aadhar number can also enrol for the services and after the receiving their respective Aadhar number and subsequently, the medical information will be linked.

This has opened gates for a more accurate and safe health care services.

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